About the project

The Soaring Club of Tasmania is the only gliding club currently operating within Tasmania.

The club's role is to facilitate all activities of gliding in Tasmania, including ground and air training, introductory visitor flights, and cross-county flying. Unfortunately due to land developments, Woodbury Airfield is being replaced by a very large central pivot irrigator, and so we will be moving to Tunbridge Airfield.

In doing so, the club must replace much of its infrastructure including the hangar, briefing room, toilet and septic system, and safety signs (double white cross), as they have all been deemed not to be economically movable. So the club needs your help!

Through the club's fundraising partnership, donations are tax deductible so please show your support for this vital project by donating today.

  • Experience Flight

    Best of luck for the big move Gliding Tasmania.

  • James

    2019 and beyond.

  • Richard Doyle

    OK, this is part 2 payment to the Soaring Club of Tasmania relocation fund.

  • Richard Doyle

    This is the first half of my $5000 donation. Rich

  • Margy

    It would be sad not to enjoy a day of gliding and good company out at Tunbridge. Best of luck with the fundraising and move!

  • Philip Goss

    Gliding Tasmania has been an important part of my life for the last 34 years. I wish the club well with the current re-development.

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