About the project



The Gold Coast Academy of Sport, with the support of the Australian Sports Foundation (ASF), is seeking your help to raise funds to support the GCAS elite athlete training pro- grams for aspiring athletes within Queensland’s Gold Coast region.

The TALENTED ATHLETE initiative aims to raise money towards further development of GCAS sport programs to continue to provide opportunities for athletes and assist them in reaching their sporting goals and achievements.

Funds raised through the initiative will support Gold Coast athletes, offset the cost of venue usage, uniforms, camps and the many skill development components provided to our regions up and coming athletes. Your donation is an investment in the development of our most precious resource — Our Youth!


Established in 2009, the Gold Coast Academy of Sport is a non-profit community sporting organisation committed to providing opportunities for athletes within Queensland’s Gold Coast region.

The opportunities and future developments for sport on the Gold Coast are unlimited and the Academy is a vehicle to capture these opportunities and provide for the region’s developing talents.

The program streams are of a quality and standard that matches or exceeds those currently existing in other operations both within Australia and overseas.

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