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Help Us Keep The Lights On!

The "Keep The Lights On Campaign" will be vital in assisting GPAI to 'keep doing what it's doing' which is empowering people with intellectual disabilities to realise their full potential in sport and life with a retail store in Currie Street Nambour and a new basement studio below. GPAI programs provide creativity, business and talent pathway opportunities.

Without doubt the sporting activity of golf has provided amazing outcomes for GPAI's intellectually disabled golfers and has allowed us to think 'outside the box' in terms of what is and what is not achievable. First the golf...and we dream from there.

The Golf Program.

Golf Programs Australia Incorporated (GPAI) has developed and delivered successful golf programs for underprivileged groups and individuals in the community since the charity was formed in 2014, with the charity being formed in 2015. Today GPAI delivers the largest golf program for intellectually disabled golfers in Australia which is measured in terms of consistent weekly participation over a long period. There are now just over 35 intellectually disabled golfers that engage in the GPAI golf program overall and approximately 22 on a weekly basis which we consider an enormous success.

The Journey.

The first & most successful golf program was designed for individuals living with an intellectual disability and today the unique GPAI organisation has grown to the point of expanding into social enterprise training for its intellectually disabled golfers in a dedicated retail space located in Nambour Queensland and more recently 15 recycling/upcycling creativity opportunities in the basement studio.

The Retail Store & Social Enterprise Training.

GPAI Creative is a self funding retail model manned by volunteers guided by GPAI Secretary & Store Manager Michelle Dalton & the organisation's founder, president and PGA Professional Darrell Dalton and the charity's board consisting of several dedicated business and medical professionals. The store is used creatively and incorporates the organisation's administrative hub, retail space including a charity golf pro-shop & social enterprise mentorship for up to eight intellectually disabled trainees.

Just 1 of GPAI's Social Enterprise Trainee Success Stories.

Renee Ruming

Renee was born with Down Syndrome and joined the GPAI golf program 3 years before beginning her in store social enterprise training at GPAI Creative. Bespoke mentor Michelle Dalton worked collaboratively with Renee before creating her social enterprise business concept. The process is always the same... Michelle simply drills down to discover a students passion and matches that with an achievable business model reflecting the trainee's capability & personality. No pie in the sky.. .just steak on the plate! Today Renee interviews others living with an intellectual disability and explores their talents, hopes and dreams for the future. Renee has her own column on the Hinterland Journal - a local online media platform and her own ABC Radio Program - both 'Roving Renee' representing people with talent and disabilities.

Maintaining Momentum.

GPAI Creative is seeking community support via its "Keep The Lights On Campaign" to assist in maintaining the viability of its retail space and, as from the first of June, its new basement studio, which acts as a community outreach and social enterprise training hub for intellectually disabled golfers such as Renee. Candidates accepted for social enterprise in store training must first be enrolled in and stay part of the GPAI Golf Program to remain eligible. 

Any donation of $2 of more is tax-deductible. The GPAI needs your support to ensure we can continue to pay the basic operational costs of the business and to continue to provide unique opportunities and employ ability skills for the intellectually disabled. Any donations make a difference!

 Check out our Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYJQulLtFHtzrz4Wy50ucXA


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