About the project

The Hahndorf Football Club (HFC) has a heritage that dating back to 1887 and exists to encourage the local community to participate and enjoy Australian Rules Football (AFL). The number of teams fielded by HFC has continued to expand over time and has reached the point where its infrastructure is insufficient for both existing and future needs. The two key pressure points are: (i) our current change rooms are over 50 years old and fail to meet requirements for Women’s or junior football, and (ii) we are limited by having only one playing surface (the oval) and this cannot accommodate all teams’ requirements for playing and training. Further growth of women’s football is certain and we, therefore, seek to firstly construct a unisex change room facility to allow safe and inclusive participation of women, girls and boys. The addition of a second playing surface will be progressed over a longer timeframe.

The Mighty Magpies Future Infrastructure Fund has been established to allow tax-deductible donations to be received by the club that is set aside to deliver the vision to construct new unisex change room facilities. Whilst this is our primary goal, there is the possibility that future needs may change, and in this case, any collections through this fund will only be released for essential major infrastructure projects undertaken by the club.

Giving to football clubs offers proven returns to the community in being an effective place for delivering health and safety messages for young people. The latest research by La Trobe University (www.aflvic.com.au ) shows that every $1 invested in community AFL returns at least $4.40 of social benefit and that football clubs are three times more useful for developing social networks than work, education or other community group networks. We want to work with you in building our future community.


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