About the project

HOOPS 4 Life delivers a safe, fun and inclusive competitive basketball competition for a number of young people and their families who due to a number of variables can't afford to participate in community sporting events. Although we host several families who can afford to have their children participate, there are so many more who can't.   Our program is also delivered in schools and youth detention centres as a means of assisting to curve their behaviours and attitudes through the learning they experience in the game.  These intensive programs have proven to be very successful in engaging and assisting in creating positive changes in the behaviour and academic performance of participating youth.  This has stretched the resources of our organisation, as the need to deliver a transitional program that allows young people from detention centres and schools to continue their development in our open program increases every week. 

Our mission is to:
  • provide a safe, supportive and positive environment for under 18 boys and girls to learn the skills of the game
  • promote and develop an understanding of being a member of a Team provide a pathway to play basketball at the end of the HOOPS 4 Life Basketball Inc program
  • foster strong positive relationships with higher levels of competitive basketball
  • promote and facilitate positive decision making and life choices.
  • provide and promote programs for young people and parents to participate in that increases willingness to participate in the wider community and/or will develop language and vocational skills.
  • engage in partnerships that will enable the HOOPS 4 Life Basketball Inc program to provide the best possible support for the development of our players and their families
HOOPS 4 Life Basketball Inc Program utilises its network of basketball associations and competitions as an avenue of advancing young people have demonstrated the skills and requirements needed to progress their basketball skills.

The pathways available for young people who may enter the program through one of the following: 
  • H4L Customised program for regional community basketball competitions which may not be able to access high level coaching for junior and senior competitions; 
  • H4L will also host opportunities for players to trial for district basketball clubs;
  • H4L will continue to mentor and coach players in district clubs providing support for players with the capabilities of trying out
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