About the project

Facilitate the delivery of Australian Football programs and competitions to boys and girls and men and women in non-traditional AFL region that is dominated by other codes. National AFL Auskick program, junior and youth football and womens competitions. Development programs through school invitational events and community out of season events. Springtime Community Football is out of regular season program that specifically targets junior and youth boys and girls that do have an active participation in organised sport with a view to introducing those participants to team based sport and in particular Australian Football with the aim will be to transition those participants to Club based football after completion of the program. Program is innovative in that it departs from normal recruiting and participation strategy in that it offers an interactive and inexpensive experience. Facility improvements to generate sustainable long term cost savings that will translate to lower entry fees to participants in the Australian Football programs and competitions run by the Club and to improve the amenity of the facility for the benefit of participants and volunteers that usethe facility. Works include solar energy, retrofit of community building LED lighting, new interchange boxes, static outdoor gymnasium, renewal of public address system, fencing.


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