Lake Keepit Soaring Club Incorporated

Lake Keepit Soaring Club Fund


The focus at the club is cross country soaring and training. The club is a popular destination with visitors from Australia and overseas for a number of reasons. First, the site is a fantastic gliding site with soaring possible all-year-round. Good distances are possible in winter, and great distances are possible in summer.

Because of the 7 day a week operation, the club is a great place for all sorts of training . Learning to fly, getting basic gliding certificates, cross country training, distance and badge flying.

There's a range of accommodation on site to suit most tastes and most budgets available at the club from air-conditioned cabins with self contained kitchens to low-cost bunk-house accommodation. There are refrigerators in the club-house kitchen and a communal eating area. In summer, most of us eat under the starts in front of the club-house.


Lake Keepit Soaring Club Incorporated

LKSC Equipment Replacement Fund

Raising funds to purchase capital sporting equipment for the club.

Lake Keepit Soaring Club Incorporated

LKSC Facility Development Project

Raising funds to redevelop gliding facilities and amenities including new hangar, shade areas, backup fuel installation and ongoing upgrades to airfie



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