About the project

The Lane Cove 12ft Sailing Skiff Club is located on the lower reaches of the Lane Cove River at the end of Stuart Street Longueville adjacent to Longueville Wharf. We are a volunteer organisation and have a long history of serving our local community, providing water based recreational facilities to a wide range of people. Our Club has a very strong focus on affordable youth programs aimed at teaching the skills of sailing, teaching safe boating skills and providing recreational opportunities for young.We are a family orientated club, managed and run by volunteers, with over 300 members. Our Club has chosen not to develop large licenced premises, as has been the case with many of the larger sailing and yacht clubs in Sydney. We prefer to remain a community based organisation in keeping with the original traditions of the Club. Our resources for capital development are therefore very limited.

Each year our Club runs a number of “Learn to Sail” programs that provide young people with their first introduction to the sport of sailing, teaching the basic skills needed to sail. We also run structured development programs for the graduates of the “Learn to Sail“ programs allowing them to build on their basic skills and develop advanced racing skills. This project supports those "Learn to Sail" Programs which are fundamental to the club's strategy for growing membership. 


  • Ray Dawkins

    Continue the great work with the LTS programme, congratulation to all those involved.

  • John Wotherspoon

    Continue with the LC12ftSSC history as a wonderful family oriented club promoting the lifelong joys of sailing

  • Sophie May

    Thanks to everyone who keeps the learn to sail program going :)

  • Inaki Berroeta Aurrecoechea

    The Lane Cove 12ft Sailing Skiff Club is doing an amazing job in training the kids and providing a healthy past time for them.

  • Kirsty Ward

    Whilst it’s only a small amount, we are donating in gratitude to the parents who volunteer their time and energy to get the kids on the water!

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