About the project

On September 16, 2018 Lane Cove awoke to the news that a fire had destroyed part of the Lane Cove Sailing Skiff Club. Over 45 boats sailed by 60 children and teens were lost in the fire and part of the adjoining slipway was damaged. We are fundraising to rebuild the club's storage facilities for current and future generations of sailors.

The Lane Cove 12ft Sailing Skiff Club is located on the lower reaches of the Lane Cove River at the end of Stuart Street Longueville adjacent to Longueville Wharf. We are a volunteer organisation and have a long history of serving our local community, providing water based recreational facilities to a wide range of people. Our Club has a very strong focus on affordable youth programs aimed at teaching the skills of sailing, teaching safe boating skills and providing recreational opportunities for young.

We are a family orientated club, managed and run by volunteers, with over 300 members. Our Club has chosen not to develop large licenced premises, as has been the case with many of the larger sailing and yacht clubs in Sydney. We prefer to remain a community based organisation in keeping with the original traditions of the Club. Our resources for capital development are therefore very limited.

This project will seek to support future generations of Sailors who want to not only sail at LC12ftSSC, but also leave their boats at the club. 



  • Snez Tobin

    Upper harbour challenge donation

  • Duncan Gerdes

    Upper Harbour Challenge - Round 2 donation

  • Barbara Ireland

    Devastating News! Good Luck with the long course to rebuilding that Western Shed !

  • David Ojerholm

    Good luck!



  • Chris Winston

    Moving from fire in the shed to fire in the belly - sail on Lane Cove!

  • Bob Stoddard

    From MOKUM F11 No.26

  • Robert Davis

    I sailed at Lane Cove in 1956 for about 10 years from age 12. I was saddened to hear of the fire.

  • Judy Winning

    We will rebuild a wonderful new boat shed cemented together with the amazing bond of the heartfelt comerarderee of the Lane Cove 12 footer club

  • Name Withheld

    This is a great club with great people. I hope we will have a better shed built in no time.

  • Malcolm Boyd

    Good luck with the restoration of the shed and the boats

  • Wayne Costin

    Great to see the sailing club going forward

  • John Wotherspoon

    LC12ftSSC is a great family and community club.

  • Richard Grundy

    Best wishes for building the new shed and I do hope all the sailors have a boat for the season

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