About the project

The Marcellin Old Collegians Football Club is committed to players, coaches and supporters working together to create a successful Amateur Premier Old Collegian Football Club.

Our goal is for on field success and glory, as well as support and encouragement for young people to strive to be the best person they can be, in what ever they do. This fundraising project was set up to support and improve the club through various projects and initiatives.

2017 has started out very strongly for the club, with a string of wins, a new womens team now playing in the premier league, and record numbers.

This success has caused some difficulties, particularly at training, which the committee has addressed by purchasing some lighting units, which are to be placed on the Lyons oval. This means that the teams will enjoy the best training conditions thay have ever had, able to use the entire Lyons oval.

We would very much like to add to our amenities so that all teams can enjoy the very best training that we can give them.them.

To that end we are appealing to the Marcellin OCFC and the community at large to contribute to this fund, through the Australian Sports Foundation.

​All contributions to this fund are fully tax deductible, so with the end of June approaching, this is an ideal way to contribute to your club, and to earn a very useful tax deduction.
  • Peter Simpson

    Go Eagles!

  • Maurice Power

    To assist MOCFC with their Project. Maurie Power

  • David Cooper

    Good Luck Coxy Go EAGLES

  • Marcus Clayton

    Good Luck Marcellin

  • Roderick Sexton

  • Marcellin Bald Eagles

    The Bald Eagles community are happy to support this worthy cause.

  • Elizabeth Boyd

    Go Sheagles!

  • Matthew Boyd

    Go Eagles!

  • Maurice Michael Power

  • Paul Holmes

    Fly like an Eagle

  • Peter Simpson

    Light Up The Eagles

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    Go Nest!

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    Love them Eagles

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