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The Melbourne Boomers is an Australian professional women’s basketball team participating in the Women’s National Basketball League (WNBL). The team is based in Melbourne, Victoria and was established by the Bulleen Templestowe Basketball Club Inc. (BTBC) in 1984.

The WNBL is Australia’s longest established professional women’s competition in Australia and is rated as the second best women’s basketball league in the world, after the WNBA. The Melbourne Boomers provides a competition environment and development pathway for female basketball players. The team is the WNBL’s longest established club, with 32 continuous years in Basketball Australia’s premier women’s league competition.

Earlier in 2016 the then owners of the Melbourne Boomers decided to hand back the license to Basketball Australia. Unless an alternative support base could be found for the Boomers before the start of the 2016/17 season in September, the team would have been disbanded. The WNBL has already lost two clubs in the last five years – the last thing it needs is to lose a third, especially one of the calibre of the Boomers, which has produced more Australian Opals, World Champions and Olympians than any other club in Australia. 

The Melbourne Boomers are integral to the existence of women’s basketball in Australia, and that’s worth saving. 

The club is vital to the health of the WNBL which, in turn, is essential for the continued success of the Opals – contributing to the continued popularity of basketball at grass roots level. For thousands of girls who aspire to play at the elite level in Melbourne, the importance of the Boomers’ survival is self-evident – they need local access to a national competition. 

However, it’s not just about elite sport. It’s about providing an opportunity to see and interact with wonderful, strong, healthy role models. It’s about an opportunity to feel the connectedness that comes with supporting a home team. It’s about giving families the opportunity to have a night out that everyone can share and enjoy at an affordable price. It’s about a club that can be for the whole of Melbourne, not just one suburb. 
Our objective is to support the Boomers by raising sufficient funding to save the team and ensure it continues into its 33rd year. 

The longer term aim is to transition the team into a sustainable organisation supporting an iconic Melbourne women’s basketball club and women’s sport.


  • David Gates

    All the best for the coming season!

  • Julia Walsh

    Go Boomers. Supporting women's sport. Julia

  • Bernadette Dodd

    Building Elite female role models for future generations of aspiring girls and women. Go Boomers!


    Good Luck in the new season 2016 - 17

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