About the project

An initiative of the MUGARS Past Player Association, these funds will directly cover the costs of player uniform & fees for a given season, and will be accessible for any MUWFC Player who would not be able to play without assistance.

Donations of any amount are welcome, however for some guidance, please see the costs for the 2021 season below:

Playing Jumper = $65

Playing Shorts = $25

Playing Socks = $10

Playing Fees = $400

Total base cost for a player = $500

Your support for this club project is vital and through our partnership with the Australian Sport Foundation, donations of $2 or more are tax deductible. So please donate today!



    MUWFC Operations Fund: The rise of AFLW in 2017 has led to an unprecedented increased interest in female participation in Australian Football. Our aim is to assist the rising generations of female footballers to play the game they love.

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  • Vanessa Lewicki

    Much love to all current, past and future Mugs - go the black and blue!!

  • Mel Doria

    Have a brilliant 2021 season Mugar fam - have fun, have each other’s backs and bring home Glenda’s sister🏆 🖤💙

  • Bron Parry

    Once a MUGAR always a MUGAR! Good luck this year girls!

  • Clare Woodhouse

    Very worthy cause! The Mugars basically fed me through uni. Love Woodhouse x

  • Allison Trethowan

    This awesome club gave me so much for so long. I hope this helps a young MUGAR feel the belonging and support that I felt.

  • Natty Brereton aka Dermie

    Best of luck this year! Be sure to save some of this for a beer or two!

  • Michelle Dench

    Because this club is just the best!

  • Ash Bye

    This club gave me so much in my 10 years (including a Premiership in my last game ever!) and I am excited to be able to give back.

  • Laura Carbone

    Wonderful initiative that is typical of the fantastic club the MUGARS is!

  • Amanda Lazzari

    Fantastic idea! Once a mugar, always a mugar 💙🖤

  • Allison Kephart


  • Joanne aka Silky Fricker

    Congratulations to the amazing humans who have set this up. The MUGARS will forever hold a giant special place in my heart and I would love to help others experience this special club.

  • Maddie Rawson-Webb

    A brilliant initiative. The more MUGARs the better x

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