About the project

Mercantile is Australia's premier rowing club, with eight Mercantile athletes participating at the last Olympic Games in London. Mercantile operates a feeder programme to the Australian national team, and is a rowing Centre of Excellence. Mercantile Rowing Club also develops new and junior talent. This Equipment Fund allows the club to buy new boats & oars, ergometers, gym equipment & related gear to support our athletes in their quest for rowing excellence. We need your help to raise funds, so please consider making a tax deductible donation today! Find out more about us on our website.


  • Mike Fitzpatrick

    For Mercantile Henley Trip

  • Andrew Guerin

    Annual commitment

  • Malcolm Batten

    For the continued success of Mercantile Rowing Club from Mal Batten

  • John Harry

    Good luck Mercantile.

  • Andrew Guerin

    Duncan, as promised by email. Andrew

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