About the project

Our course development plan includes:

  • Assurance of water supply (water security) – our course requires vast amounts of water to maintain it in top condition. We rely heavily on rainfall to fill our 7 dams, but in dry times, such as early 2017, the dams were almost empty and we needed to purchase water. We need to explore and develop alternative water sources to reduce reliance on rainfall and minimise the need to buy town water.
  • Utilisation of new technology to improve and better manage many on-course tasks, such as mowing, fairway and green aeration, watering, levelling, hole drilling, turfing, drainage, distance markers, etc.  
  • Course beautification will make the course a nicer place to be and enhance views form the clubhouse. Ideas include flowering plants, native well-kept trees (that don’t have extensive root systems), abundant birdlife (geese, ducks, rosellas, galahs, cockatoos, currawongs, etc). This will also enhance views from the clubhouse
  • On-going maintenance and upgrades of tees, fairways and greens ('through the green')
  • On-going safety upgrades due to close proximity of our neighbours and the tight nature of the course layout.

With our Course Development plan, we want to achieve a top-class golf course that will maximise the golfing experience for golfers and visitors, including neighbours and the local community. A better quality course = more members and more players, and we want more people playing golf and enjoying our beautiful course. We want to create an attractive course with ample photo opportunities for weddings and other functions that we continue to attract. We also hope to reduce costs with regards to water and to maximise efficiency  with regards to course maintenance. Overall, with the investments from the Course Development plan, we seek to ensure financial security and sustainability for our course, our members, and for the community.


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