About the project

The Merewether Greens Rugby Foundation has been established with the sole purpose of supporting the development of the Merewether-Carlton Rugby Club, a member of the Newcastle and Hunter Rugby Union, in its on- and off-field endeavours.

These are the club’s guiding objectives which are fully supported by the Foundation:

• Securing our club’s future

• Promoting social inclusion and community engagement

• On-field success through pursuit of elite performance

• Providing development and pathway opportunities for young players

To meet those objectives, The Merewether Rugby Foundation will serve as the club’s fundraising arm, providing a vehicle for players, sponsors, friends and supporters to offer cash and in-kind donations and engage in fund-raising activities.

The Foundation proposes to utilize the auspicing arrangements available through the Australian Sports Foundation to maximise the opportunity for tax deductible donating.

The Foundation has been established as a separate entity from the club, and has a company trustee with a board comprising eight Directors with a diverse range of experience and professional skills, all sharing a passion to see the Club continue to thrive into and achieve all of its objectives.


  • Merewether Greens Rugby Foundation

    New Green Room: The establishment of a New Green Room will afford Merewether Carlton Rugby Club a proper base from which to run all of its club activities.

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