About the project

During these times we, the founders of Minerva Network, have been reminded of where the idea behind our brand originated. The mythical Minerva goddess powers of wisdom, the guardian of life, the goddess of strategic warfare, her protective power and divine intellectual spirit, all important and vital attributes to navigate successfully through these difficult times both personally and professionally for us all.


Like the goddess we are named after, Minerva will continue to soar in our pursuit of raising the profile and support of professional women’s sport in Australia - our support of women athletes through recent webinars and critical mentoring of our Minerva Stars has never been so important as it has been over the past year.


As Australia starts to see the ‘relaxing’ of isolation rules and professional sport, as well as business, resume under new guidelines for 2020 we ask you to assist the network to ensure we can continue the great work we have started over the past few years. We acknowledge the generous and ongoing support of our major supporters Accenture, Aurecon and the NSW Office of Sport during 2020. For long term sustainability, and to meet the costs of basic operations, we will need more funding options to keep up with current demand. . Any assistance with personal fully tax deductible donations are greatly appreciated.


Investing in women, helping women to achieve their dreams, become leaders on and off the field is why we exist… if we could all pull together now we can achieve anything.

Yours faithfull,

The Minerva Founders: Christine McLoughlin, Sam Mostyn, Kate Aitken, Sue Cato, Romilly Madew, Raelene Castle


  • Annette Wargon

    Australian Elite women athletes - doing great things for Australia. You deserve all the support you can get!

  • Adam Howarth

    Thanks to Charlotte Brigel for encouraging us to chip in here.

  • Rebecca McCloy

    Thank you for the amazing work you do for our female athletes; you are changing the future for all our daughters, sisters, mothers and friends.

  • Deb Eckersley

    Thank you for all the Minerva Network does for our fabulous female athletes and leaders!

  • Alicia Lucas

    Giving back to the organisation that has given me so much.

  • Sharron Flahive

    Thank you to all the wonderful people involved with Minerva Network! All your on-going efforts and continued support of Women in sport is to be commended!

  • Jane Spring

    Great cause!

  • Heather Reid

    I am a strong believer in mentoring, especially for women in sport, and commend Minerva on their terrific program.

  • Glenn Jackson

    The Minerva Network Mentoring Program is helping to shape not only success for today in the sporting domain, but as importantly, success for through a long term and successful career. #mentoringmatters

  • Meredith Hellicar

    We need these incredible women to succeed both on and off the sports arena because they are tomorrow's leaders and role models and, hopefully, household names to inspire all females to excel

  • Gabrielle Curtin

    Mentoring and contributing to the development and success of Australia's female athletes is critical not just for these courageous and committed young women but for all of Australia's young women who have a dream, the determination and perseverance to succeed. They need every dollar we can give as well as a mentor who is a sounding board and confidante as they have a go and make their way. Collaboration is key - many hands make light work.

  • Jane Moran

    Female athletes need to be celebrated, supported and given a pedestal

  • Nicole Green

    Proud to be supporting our sensational female athletes!

  • Sarah Styles

    Thank you for the opportunity to contribute to the Minerva Network and the brilliant support it is providing to Australia’s female elite athletes.

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