About the project

1925 was a great year to start a tennis club, but now is time to refurbish the old courts to bring them up to modern day standards. One court is a second hand synthetic grass surface that is fast approaching its end, and the other old ant-bed court needs to be upgraded to synthetic grass. The old clubhouse is in serious need of work too.

Please make a tax deductible donation today and help us fix our courts.

  • Tom Croger

    Great initiative! Looking forward to seeing the new turf courts.

  • Patrick Garnier

    Let's wish the club be successful for many years ahead

  • Rodney Saye

    helping to smooth out the rough ends

  • Kathy McCombie

    Looking forward to the President's cup

  • Louise Dodd

    Love your cause Wayne & Brett

  • Wayne Parcell

    This should help get from the rough end of the pineapple to (fruit) salad days

  • Roger Loughnan

    Roger Loughnan Real Estate is delighted to support this great Community Organisation. Thanks for your time and efforts.

  • Brett Abbenbroek

    I love playing tennis and I am supporting the Montville Tennis Club to help build a vibrant community that can enjoy watching and playing tennis.

  • Merlin Coughlan

    Step 1 to membership

  • Elizabeth LE

    Exciting times ahead Wayne! xLiz

  • Merlin Coughlan

    Looking forward to getting this project off the ground.

  • Wayne Parcell

    Very excited to be supporting rejuvenation of the Montville Tennis Club bringing community back to the sportsground

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