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Newport Baseball Club was established in 1928 and is a Division 1 club rich in history of great players, characters and impressive results over many years.  Emphasising participation at all levels and age groups, Newport focuses heavily on family involvement across all areas of the club, supported by a Code of Conduct that ensures fair, respectful and enjoyable participation by all. The RAMS have always enjoyed a strong Junior program which is the foundation of any great club, many current senior players started out as Junior RAMS.

By building our own indoor training facility, the club will provide its players with the best training facilities in Victoria to enable players of all ages to develop their skills to get the most out of their baseball experience, whilst also helping NBC to retain current players, and attract new ones. This facility will benefit and strengthen our club for many years to come.

"The club received some funding from Hobsons Bay City Council and the Bob Milne Trust, however, we still need more funds to help complete what will be the most significant capital works project the club has invested in, since the opening of the clubrooms in 1978.  This will be the best club owned training facility in Victorian Baseball. Construction is due to commence in mid-April 2017 and we expect to move in to the new facility by June 2017.  We need your support.  (NBC President - Ben Portelli Jnr.) 

Everyone from our 4 year old t-ball players, to our masters veterans will benefit from this all weather facility.  It will allow everyone to improve their baseball skills (hitting & fielding) 12 months of the year regardless of the conditions outside.  With a state of the art “Iron Mike” pitching machine our players can take batting practice whenever they wish, and not have to rely on someone to pitch to them.  I cant wait to see everyone benefiting from this great facility.  (2016/17 Club Coach - Dean Malthouse)

NBC gratefully accepts any donation of any amount for this great project.
Donation AmountSupporter Category
$10,000 or morePlatinum Contributor
$5,000 - $9,999Gold Contributor
$1,000 - $4,999Silver Contributor
$500 - $999Bronze Contributor
$0 - $499Supporting Contributor

A plaque listing the names of all of those who have contributed $500 or more will be proudly hung inside the facility

Please support this vital club project by making a tax deductible donation today !!

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31-Mar-2017          Paul Walshe                     $1,000
31-Mar-2017          Ben Portelli Jnr                $510
31-Mar-2017          Dean & Lel Anglin            $1,000
31-Mar-2017          Greg Griffith                     $505
03-Apr-2017          Mike Deam                        $1,000
03-Apr-2017          Brad Russell                     $500
03-Apr-2017          Anonymous                      $1,010
05-Apr-2017         James Walshe                   $50
05-Apr-2017         Doug Painter (TLS)            $1,010
05-Apr-2017         Simpson Family                $1,500
06-Apr-2017         Gerard O'Neil                    $1,500
06-Apr-2017         Grioli Family                      $101
28-Apr-2017         Richard King                     $101
16-Jun-2017         Peter McNish                     $500
23-Jun-2017         Tony Wyatt                        $1020

01-Jul-2017          Joshua Walshe                  $50
  • Dean Maher

    Great project guys here's 105 baseballs to get you all swinging 😜⚾️👍🏻

  • Chris and Lozz Grioli

    Lets build a better future for our kids xxx

  • Andrew & Karen Simpson

    Go Rams

  • Doug Painter

    Have a great 2017!

  • Mike Deam

    Thanks Dean Anglin for all your great work in sports throughout Victoria particularly Baseball and Basketball .

  • Ben Portelli


  • Dean Anglin

    Proud to be Ram & to be able to support the Club to provide a facility that will give us an 'edge' for future generations is an honour.

  • Paul Walshe


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