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Introducing the Diehard Demons Fighting Fund

As we know the mighty North Hobart Football Club is one of the most famous footy clubs in Australia.

We have won 28 senior premierships and more than 55 North Hobart players have gone on to play in the VFL/AFL.

It is the club that the legendary Roy Cazaly of ‘Up There Cazaly’ fame played for and coached.

Established in 1881 we are 11 years older than the Collingwood Football Club and the Liverpool Football Club.

We are the second most successful footy club in a city-based footy competition in Australia, behind only the Port Adelaide Magpies.

For the past four years the club has not played as North Hobart but as Hobart City.

But in 2018 thanks to an overwhelming vote by the club members the club will once again play as North Hobart in our beautiful, traditional, red and blue jumper.

Now more than ever though we need the famous North Hobart ‘Never Say Die’ spirit that has served our club so well for 136 years.

Our club is heavily in debt and the new board of the club is very keen to rid the club of this debt as soon as possible, put the club on a sustainable footing and have money for infrastructure and club essentials.

We have set up the Diehard Demons Fighting Fund through the Sports Foundation. All donations are tax deductible so when you donate to the North Hobart Footy club here, you can claim it back when you do your taxes!

Contributors to the Fighting Fund will receive Diehard Demons Membership status and will be recognised in club publications throughout the year and with a special function exclusive to Diehard Demons members during the 2018 season.

Please make a tax deductible donation to support the club by clicking on the DONATE button above.

It’s time to get rid of our debt, set the club up for the future and make North Hobart great again!

I will be donating to the Diehard Demons Fighting Fund and I invite you to join me. 

Go Dees!!!

Craig Martin

Interim President

North Hobart Football Club

  • Raymond Westwood

    Great facility

  • Athol Goss

    Great concept, Craig

  • Jordan Beaumont


  • Darren Loves

    Hope we get rid of the debt and on to the future as the demons

  • Craig Martin

    Let's make the Mighty North Hobart Footy club the most famous, feared and revered club in Tasmania a footy powerhouse again!

  • John MacMurray

    Good luck with the fundraising. I am sure all supporters will get behind the drive and assist turn the current situation around.

  • Preston Rowe Paterson Preston Rowe Paterson

    Sensational to be supporting a true old club back to its glory.

  • Jessica Medhurst

    Go the Dees!!

  • Darryn Perry

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