About the project

The Northern Bullants and the Northern Suburbs have a deep rooted connection through past players, supporters, staff and the community. It’s through this connection that the lifeblood of the club has been kept alive. 

In 2002 an affiliation with Carlton FC was formed. This mutually beneficial affiliation saw the Bullants achieve success including two grand final appearances. After an unprecedented year brought upon the world by Covid-19 the Bullants-Carlton affiliation came to an end.

We’ve persevered through many great struggles in our history and due to the passion of our community we’ve always pulled through. 

Now with nothing but the sturdy foundation to rebuild from, we have a unique opportunity. An opportunity to stand alone, forge a deep connection to the local community and become the major talent pathway for footballers in the Northern Suburbs to aspire to. 

Our vision is to build a sustainable financial model that will enable the growth of a strong football program to ensure that the club continues to grow, attract the right people and continually improve the resources required to compete in the Victorian Football League (VFL) competition.

In order to achieve this vision, we need your support. 

Through the hard work of a number of passionate people, the Northern Bullants Foundation has been established enabling individuals, businesses and groups to support the club to achieve its strategic objectives. 

Donations to the Northern Bullants Foundation will help support:

  • High performance initiatives (coaching, medical, analysis software);
  • Investment in club facilities and equipment;
  • History and heritage initiatives.

We would love for you to play a part in the building of a bright future for the Bullants by making a tax deductible donation to the Northern Bullants Foundation.

The Northern Bullants Foundation is registered with the Australian Sports Foundation and all contributions of $2 or more are tax deductible.

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