About the project

The Old Geelong Football Club (OGFC) has set up an Operations Fund where donations will be used for operational items that support the day to day running of the Club. 

In doing so, we have partnered with the Australian Sports Foundation (ASF) to enable all donations to the OGFC Operations Fund to be fully tax deductible.

The Old Geelong Football Club is in Premier B in 2019 and has 6 teams: Men’s Seniors, Reserves, Thirds, Under 19s and Women's Seniors & Reserves. In addition to this, the OGFC support our brother/sister initiatives who are currently fielding cricket, netball and tennis sides. Our aim today, some 62 years since our formation, is to continue to build on the solid foundations of those who have come before us, and ensure the revered traditions of our proud Club remain strong.

The cost of running an amateur football club continues to rise each year, with expenses approaching $300,000 last season. The major costs we encounter on an annual basis include; 

  • VAFA Affiliation Fees (>$35k)
  • Coaching Department (>$50k)
  • Football Department (>$30k)
  • Physio Expenses (>$30k)
  • Medical Expenses (>$15k)
  • Insurance (>$5k)
  • Ground Rental (>$5k)

Whilst we have great support from sponsors and Club members, our growth and progress up the grades is confined by our limited budget.

To assist in our quest to continue climbing the ranks in the VAFA, please support the Old Geelong Football Club Operations Fund by making a tax deductible donation today.


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    Do we receive the reference number immediately so we can ETF and then how long until we receive the receipt for it?

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