About the project

The Old Geelong Football Club has partnered with the Australian Sports Foundation to enable all donations to the OGFC Future Fund to be fully tax deductible.

The OGFC Future Fund, managed independently from the OGFC, shares a vision with the OGFC of being the most respected club in the VAFA and has a mission of building, wisely investing and making prudent distributions from a significant capital fund to the Old Geelong Football Club.

A significant future fund will be the powerful foundation from which the Old Geelong Football Club strives to improve our men’s and women's facilities, our club operations and our player physical, mental wellbeing and career programs. 

Please support the OGFC Future Fund and ensure the sustainability of the Old Geelong Football Club, so future generations of young men and women can enjoy the camaraderie, friendships and support which our great club provides.

For further information, visit our website or email us.

Please support the OGFC Future Fund by making a tax deductible donation today.


  • James Wilson

    James Wilson Wilsons R E Pty Ltd

  • Margie Gillett

    Building strong foundations for another 70 years of the mighty OGGERS. A great club for all teams, all members, supporters, new recruits, Coodabeens, wannabes, legends and heroes. “Hold fast to what is good.”

  • Dougal Morrison

    I am pleased and proud to support the OGFC Foundation and encourage others to do the same. Go OGS!

  • Robert Seymour

    Hooray for amateurs. Money and sport don't mix e.g. test cricket !

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