About the project

Our fundraising will continue to focus on the running of the football club as well as the continued development of the standards of football played at all levels including a women's team in 2017 and this extends to coaching and support networks. We are also focused on being a complete football club that provides social interaction with the local community, the School, parents, families, past players an officials as well as with current players their wives/ girlfriends, partners and family members.

We strive to provide best practice principles to all we do and this is our mandate.

Part of the club's fundraising will be dedicated to improved lighting and an electronic scoreboard. Improved lighting will increase the levels and standards of training with reduced risk, as well as the participation in training at the ground for the female players. The scoreboard will benefit all present to view the scores instantly with the prospect of instant replays.

Our community will benefit from our projects with the active participation of family members and the creation of a club with an atmosphere that is welcoming and friendly and a place where enjoyment and fun can be had. We will attract younger players by our projects and this will benefit the club and all members with a greater viability for the future notwithstanding giving the younger age groups both male and female a direction to be a part of a club, and a sense of belonging, mateship, sharing interests, team focus, care for others, respect and that can only be good for the community at large.

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