About the project

Our fundraising program directly supports the following groups:

• Junior Development (Numbats, schools team etc)

• Talented Athlete Development (Elites, Nomads etc)

• Officials Development (training costs, costs of running training)

• Special Events fundraising (Easter, fun runs, championships etc)

• Equipment and Infrastructure fundraising. (Shed equipment, controls, computer gear etc)

By spending in these areas we are working towards our strategic goals of :

• Increase the visibility and attractiveness of Orienteering in WA

• Provide a safe and secure environment for members to learn and enjoy orienteering.

• Foster and develop the skills of our coaches, sports officials, mappers and setters in order to provide opportunities and support for members to achieve their orienteering goals

• Foster and develop the skills of our athletes, as part of a structured state talent process, in order to develop high performance for the future.

• Invest in and develop the ‘grass roots’ social and competitive environment at the Club level, for Metro and Regional clubs.

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