About the project

When you register at qwikgame.org, you are invited to nominate your favorite game and venue. Then, you will receive an invitation whenever some-one is keen for a game. The invitation includes an indication of the strength and reputation of the other Player. After the game, you can both give a little feedback on the outcome. It's that simple!

We need heaps of people to register their favorite games at qwikgame.org so we can all Play anytime, anywhere.

We also need some help at the forum to build and grow qwikgame. The software is being improved, look & feel upgraded, social-media accounts starting, financial plans and much more. There is plenty to get involved with - if you have skills, contacts and enthusiasm you are most welcome.

And we need some additional funding to get off the ground. Any donation of $2.00 or more is tax deductible through this fundraising campaign with the Australian Sports Foundation.

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