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River City Women’s Rowing Club has been set up to support women of all ages to row, from school leavers to retirees. Men are welcome in the club as well but our emphasis is on providing equipment for women. This needs to be lighter than for men. Often in other clubs there are heavy boats to suit all rowers but these are often difficult for women to carry. Rowing is a fantastic sport which provides total body fitness . It gets people out in to the open and off the busy streets. There are lots of competitions to keep people focused and active. Rowing however is a relatively expensive sport as far as equipment is concerned. Once a boat is purchased though it can be used by many club members. There are also ongoing maintenance costs to consider. We encourage people to donate to the ASF so we can continue to provide this opportunity for people of all ages to remain active in our community. Lorraine Robinson President of RCWRC
  • Steve Tavakol

    From Steve Tavakol 2021

  • Tamara Davis

    Go River City!

  • Petris Lapis

    For the best rowing club ever!!

  • Emy Brenner

    Woooooo!!! Go RCWRC

  • Petris Lapis

    Thank you for being such an amazing rowing club … wonderful members, fabulous attitudes, punching above your weight with a heart of gold

  • Tanvir Ahmad


  • Petris Lapis

    River City Womens Rowing Club is simply the best. You inspire me every session.

  • Kerry Fortescue

    Go RCWRC !

  • Petris Lapis

    You are the best rowing team imaginable.

  • Angela Nowland

    Row row row your boat Gently down the stream Merrily merrily merrily merrily Life is but a dream!!

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