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The RKCC has a long history at Cross Park, where the clubhouse has been a feature for many an era of aspiring cricketer. In the 1950's RKCC members raked and attempted to level entire oval, although it effectively followed the natural slope of the hill and members established turf by donating water via large canvass bags.

The cricket pavilion was built by Tom Elliot, Ken Knuckey, and RKCC volunteers with bricks and other infrastructure provided by the Road Board. Members each donated two lengths of pipe and established pipeline from Roleystone Primary School to irrigate oval.

The tradition of community engagement and contribution is consistent throughout the proud history of the club. Time waits for no-one, and so it is for our 65 year old clubhouse.

The building fails in many respects to meet modern building standards and without storage space or change rooms we are in desperate need of facilities for our 5 Saturday Senior teams, 4 Tuesday Evening Teams and 70 Junior cricketers. Similarly, our aged nets and training facilities, are ill-equipment to meet the current and future needs of our growing Junior and Senior Cricketers.

The estimated club contribution (approx. 1/3 of total cost) required to fund these two major projects is estimated to fall in the region of $250-300,000. Through, the assistance of the ASF, the generosity of our past and present members and numerous fundraising drives. These proposed projects promise to deliver facilities to cater for our Junior and Senior cricketers for decades to come.

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