About the project

The Queensland State Rowing Centre and Course Development project will be the largest Rowing infrastructure project undertaken in Queensland. The project is on a greenfield site and will comprise the planning, development and complete construction of the facility including:

  • A 10 lane international standard buoyed rowing course (complete)
  • Construction of finish tower and installation of electronic timing systems
  • Development of the competitor headland including:
    • Levelling and development of Village Green area for competitor tents
    • Construction of additional 250 car parking area
    • Pedestrian footpath between the competitor and spectator headlands
    • Water tanks and drinking troughs
    • Permanent toilets and showers
    • Connection of electricity
    • Construction of Rowing Queensland operations centre
    • Installation of 4 rowing pontoons

The project will provide access to a viable, fair and safe state, national and international standard facility for all participants of rowing in Queensland. The project will decrease travel time for state based regattas for the large population of the South East Queensland rowing community, this will lead to a decrease in associated costs and an increase in the number of regattas held in South East Queensland and the overall participation in the sport. 

The project will address a gap in SEQ watersports infrastructure and provide an avenue for which the Beaudesert/Ipswich regions are able to promote rowing and other water based sport and recreation activities.

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  • David Hobart

    Great work Nick and the Team at RQ.

  • Nick Stevens

    Support those people who are working tirelessly to make this happen

  • David Bellamy

    \"If we all support, we will all achieve\".

  • Courtney Talbot

    Let's hope the whole community gets behind this project.

  • Andrew Clatworthy

    Happy to support the new centre.

  • Chris Beech

    Get involved and support this worthy cause

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