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Established in 1985 and with a Vision and values built around the words of our first Inductee and inaugural 'Legend of Australian Sport' Sir Donald Bradman AC, our 500+ inducted Members represent an illustrious group of Australia's most respected sportspeople and personnel; who through their achievements over 170 years, have made a significant contribution to our nations sporting history.

Sport is a defining and dominant part of Australian social culture and in honouring the Member achievements, the Sport Australia Hall of Fame preserves, presents and shares this priceless sporting heritage as an inspiration to all Australians.

The message is a valuable one that emphasises the rich rewards in life that are offered by striving to attain the Sport Australia Hall of Fame values;

Courage • Sportsmanship • Integrity • Mateship • Persistence • Excellence, underpinned by Generosity, Modesty, Pride and Ambition.

Membership of the Sport Australia Hall of Fame is the crowning achievement of a sporting career and represents the highest level of peer recognition for an individual's contribution to their sport. To wear the 'green and gold' is a great privilege and one that is paired with a sense of immense pride and a strong desire to 'give back' to leave a legacy greater than our sporting achievements alone.

The Sport Australia Hall of Fame Scholarship & Mentoring Program, which commenced in 2006, is a remarkable example of this. One of the most unique programs in this country, if not the world, personally connects the nation's future generation of talented sportspeople with the icons of Australian sport; the Sport Australia Hall of Fame Members as Mentors - in what is a unique and life changing experience. The Program is designed to give our young Australian athletes a turbo boost into the real world of high-end performance on the world stage and the impact has been profound.

We appreciate all and any support to help preserve Australia's rich sporting history and to help young dream builders who want to climb their own Everest's!

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