About the project

Tathra MTB club is a small club of volunteers looking after 60kms of awesome XC trails on the south coast in and around Tathra. For years we have used our race, the Tathra Enduro, as our main fundraiser to help keep the trails as fresh and fun as they can be. Due to COVID restrictions and some badly timed rain we have been unable to run this event for the last two years. We are now

looking at sustainable ways we can ensure we have the money to maintain our trails to the standard that we want to offer riders from near and far.

Locals and visitors from around the state and further afield come and enjoy our trails and we are grateful that people enjoy what this beautiful part of the world has to offer, especially on a mountain bike! We also know that people want to support us so we are launching this fundraising project to allow riders to directly support our club to look after our iconic Tathra trails. If you have

ever ridden our trails or are hoping to get down to us one day, any donation small or large, will help us to maintain our trails and make them even better for all to enjoy! Any donation over $2 through the Australian Sports Foundation is tax deductible so it is a great way to help out.

  • Joe McIntyre

    In memory of the great Harri Jokinen

  • Rhys Hardy

    In loving memory of Harri Jokinen, who loved all things Tathra, trails, and mountain biking community. Ride on.

  • Michael Bonhote

    A great trail network, worthy of our support. Thanks TMBC!

  • Carly Bexterman

    We love our trails!!

  • Cecilie Young

    Love the tracks and am happy to support the Tathra MTB club continue to maintain them.

  • Wendy Elliott

    I walk five kms every morning along the tracks. I really appreciate the way the tracks are kept open. It would be good if the Cream Box trail has some attention occasionally.

  • Steven Law

    For the annual trip of the last 15 years, the trails are a highlight for me. And in memory of Dick Terrens who enjoyed exploring the area with me, but not so much the encounters with rocks and branches. Thank you to the club and the vollies for maintaining the best tracks in Oz.

  • Nicole and Chris Hart

    We are always grateful for the trail fairies when we come and visit. Thank you to all the awesome volunteers!

  • Roberta Murray

    These trails are amazing and so are the volunteers who keep them in such good shape!

  • Nick Graham-Higgs

    Donation from Nick Graham-Higgs and Jane Andrew in support of the amazing job that the Tathra MTB Club continues to do to maintain and develop the Tathra MTB trails, and in appreciation of the time our family spends on the trails.

  • Jane Andrew

    In memory of my late father David Andrew who gave generously to his community and inspired me to do the same

  • Geoff Pursell

    I know my family enjoy a day out here and it would be fair to say we'd like to in the future!

  • Rik Moran

    Thanks for the awesome trails

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