About the project

South Passage – Adventure under Sail South Passage – Adventure under Sail operates the 100 foot (30.5m) gaff rigged Schooner ‘South Passage’ with a vision to Grow and develop young people through adventure under sail As a non-profit organisation run by volunteers who receives no government funding we rely on voyage fees and community support i.e. YOUR SUPPORT to enable our unique adventure under sail youth development voyages to operate. Designed specifically for 14-17 year olds South Passage provides a safe but challenging environment for young men and women to experience adventure under sail and, using the ship as a medium, encourage them to develop their independence, initiative, self-discipline and leadership skills. South Passage is sailed in the traditional way. Everything is done manually – there are no winches or mechanical aids. Sails are raised and lowered by hand and every activity requires a number of people working together as a team. There are no trappings of modern society – as a result our young voyagers have the opportunity to experience life, and themselves, as it was in a much less complicated age. A truly unique sailing and personal development adventure. We are seeking funds to assist disadvantaged young people to participate and benefit from a voyage on South Passage. At $170 per day a typical 3 day voyage costs $510. Your donation, in combination with others, will enable us to introduce deserving but disadvantaged young people to adventure under sail. We are also seeking funds to purchase a replacement ships tender to ensure we can continue to safely transfer people between the ship and shore.

  • Julian Brook

    A great cause

  • Andrew and Susie Mulholland

    Thank you. Keep up the excellent work.

  • Mark Browne

    Great organisation. Want to see it succeed. Test Donation.

  • Tony Gerding

    Just as a one of support during this virus down time. Cheers. Tony.

  • Roger Hatten

    Providing inspirational and possibly life changing experiences for young Australians. What a better cause?

  • Anne Jaumees

    South Passage is wonderful. Keep up the good work!

  • Roger Hatten

    Hi, Roger Hatten here. I have transfered $500 to southpassage sailing STAQ. Donation to assist Watchleader to travel to Sydney. thanks Roger Hatten

  • Peter Hales

    Best wishes to South Passage

  • Anne Jaumees

    Thanks to South passage for all those great experiences she delivers.

  • Caroline Davidson

    Great work South Passage. Happy yo be a supplier again this year for the Gladstone Race. Caroline, Peter and the team from EPIRBhire.

  • Anne Jaumees

    I'm supporting South Passage which is a wonderful sailing ship for young people.

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