About the project

Raising funds for the development of Torrens Rowing Club through better maintenance, including equipment purchases.


  • Tim Harper

    Donation towards fans.

  • Marnie Boylan-Sugg

    Hi TRC, I hope that you can raise lots of money to buy great equipment to support the development of the next generation of TRC rowers. Warm wishes to you all Marnie Boylan-Sugg

  • Tom Revesz

    Donation for the Club

  • Tim Harper

    TOMS Crew contribution.

  • Alarik

    Hoping that this will help upgrade the Club's equipment to develop more rowers of all levels.

  • Tim Harper

    Hope new White Board is an asset for the club. Tim.

  • Tim Harper

    Please find my contribution towards the new Concept 2 Ergo. Cheers Tim.

  • Howard Bone

    Donation towards club AED (Defibrilator) machine.

  • Graeme Footer

    Donation towards Cardiac Science Defibrillator for the Club.

  • Tamas Revesz

    Helping to purchase potentially life-saving defibrillator for the Club.

  • Tim Harper

    Donation towards Defibrillator. Cheers Tim.

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