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The Transplant Australia National Team is part of Transplant Australia which is recognised by Sports Australia as the national body for Transplant Sports.

The Australian team consists entirely of players who have had their lives saved by organ donation. The players have all overcome life-threatening medical conditions and are alive today by defying the odds. Heart, lung, liver, kidney and bone marrow recipients will unite on the pitch to celebrate their second chance at life and honour their donors.

The teams journey to the 2020 Transplant Recipients World Cup is a resource and capital intensive initiative totaling $90,000 with a total of twenty five players and support staff, all of which are volunteers. The burden of these costs falls directly upon the players, many of whom have already experienced financial disadvantage as a result of their long-term health challenges

We are asking to you to donate to help get the team to the World Cup and help raise awareness for organ donation. Each organ donor can save the lives of up to ten people. Many people often think that they will never need a transplant. In Australia there are more than 1500 people waiting for organ transplants at this time. Your contribution will help to raise awareness and increase organ donation rates in Australia, and some day help save you, or your family members life.

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