About the project

Veterans Cricket Australia (VCA) has grown rapidly from its beginnings in 2006, with a mission to enable our members to embrace the spirit of cricket in a competitive, social and healthy environment. VCA hopes to promote values of:

  • Sportsmanship
  • Promoting relationships
  • Opportunity for All
  • Respect and
  • Total enjoyment.

Now, our over 50's team are preparing for the World Cup, held in March 2020.

The Over 50's World Cup brings together the best cricketers from around the world to test their skills in a competitive yet social competition in beautiful Cape Town. Whilst the team is elated, they now face the challenge of funding their travel, training and accommodation for the trip, which poses a struggle for many in the squad.

By making a tax-deductible donation you can help the team make Australia proud.

For more info or to follow the games, you can visit the World Cup website at https://www.over50scricket.com/world-cup-2020-cape-town

  • Ian Hammet

    Congratulations to this bunch of Aussie veteran cricketers who after a lifetime playing the game they love, get to play for their country in a World Cup. Their much cherished Baggy Green is costing them plenty with no sponsor or even one cent coming from Cricket Australia .... Veterans Cricket Victoria

  • Malcolm Coleman

    Very best wishes for this second O50's World Cup cricket event. Hope you enjoy every aspect of the carnival.

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