About the project

The WAFC Trust is an independent non-profit organisation created to accumulate funds for the future sustainability of the West Adelaide Football Club.

The WAFC Trust aims to provide stability and opportunity for the future of the Club. Our dedicated members and supporters have continued to demonstrate unwavering loyalty to the Club, and we hope they will continue this dedication through the Trust.

Choosing to donate to the WAFC Trust is a long term investment in the future generations of the West Adelaide Football Club. Funds raised go into the Trust, which exists in perpetuity, which means your capital stays intact while the interest goes to support WAFC.

When you donate to this fund your gift will grow the capital base of the fund. The Target Capital Level is $500,000, once this reached, interest from your donation will be distributed each year. The Trust has already received in excess of $25,000 in donations from our "Foundation Members" and have received in excess of $600,000 in bequests.

The West Adelaide Football Club Trust is registered with the Australian Sports Foundation and all donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.

Please help secure the future of our great club by making a tax deductible donation today.


  • Darren Geddie

    Aceit loves supporting local sporting clubs, and West Adelaide are a champion community club.

  • David Shipway

    We need the Bloods to be a strong force forever

  • Troy Abbott

    Forever West!!!

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