About the project

With the approval of members, the West Brighton Club is embarking on a project to make substantial additions and renovations to the Clubhouse, with a view to upgrading member facilities and improving OHS issues for our staff. The Club will also concurrently improve drainage from the property. 

The project will greatly enhance the amenity of our facilities for all concerned, and will include the following areas of development:

Extension of the Western Lounge

The Western Lounge will be extended to the south, almost doubling it in size and with double doors at both ends enabling easy access to the gardens, a larger and better entertainment and meeting area. Our ability to provide hospitality to visiting bowling and other sporting clubs will be much improved and it will provide enhanced facilities for members wishing to hold private functions at the Club.

A new men’s toilet will be incorporated alongside the Western Lounge so that it is not necessary for men to walk from one end of the building to the other. (The location of the current ladies’ toilet does not pose this problem.)

Improved Storage

Our existing storage facilities are inadequate and poorly located. The present storage are adjacent to the Western lounge will be enlarged with appropriate shelving, etc., to make storing and retrieving of furniture and equipment easier for staff and members.

In addition, new store room will be built adjacent to the south side of the kitchen. This will facilitate setting up events on the rear lawn such as croquet tournaments. Items used at the eastern end of the building will no longer need to be carted the full length of the building from the existing store room.

Manager’s Office

The project will involve a refurbishment of the Manager’s office. Members will have noted that it is somewhat cramped and storage for files, etc., is limited. The office is really designed for one person and if the Secretary or Treasurer need to do any work at the Club, working conditions are very tight and there is no privacy. 

Occupational Health and Safety

A major objective for the project is to improve the working environment for our staff who, under present conditions are at risk of injury, particularly when moving items in or out of the store room. The new storage arrangements will reduce the physical effort required of staff when moving furniture, equipment and liquor around and also reduce the risk of injury.


The extensions to the roof area of the Clubhouse will result in additional run off of water and Bayside Council requires us to improve the drainage system. It is likely that this would have been required in the near future anyway but it has the benefit of improving the drainage from the bowling green. 

The total cost of the project is estimated to be $750,000 and the Club is seeking donations from members to help this development come to fruition.

Through the Club’s fundraising partnership with the Sports Foundation, donations are tax deductible. The Sports Foundation does retain 5% of donations to cover its operating costs, however the balance will be passed onto the Club who will use all funds raised for the abovementioned schedule of works.

Please show your support for this vital club project by donating today!

  • Timothy Lefebvre

    A great project for a wonderful Club

  • Geoffrey Michael Folie

    Michael FOLIE

  • David Copolov

    These improvements will make a big difference to our Clubhouse. Thanks to everyone involved in ensuring that the highest standard of improvements will be made to our building. David Copolov

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