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The W.H. Pincott Club Inc. was established in 1963 to further the interests of rowing at Geelong Grammar School, in every way possible. Only five men and the rowing master attended the first meeting - but the Club has now grown to over 1,000 members. Still operating with a very small committee, the W.H. Pincott Club Inc. exemplifies what can be achieved by an active and enthusiastic group of supporters. The Club has involved itself in the activities of the Geelong Grammar School Boat Club with ever increasing commitment. Boat Club Benefits The W.H. Pincott Club Inc. is proud to have provided the Boat Club with:
  • boats and oars
  • boat trailer
  • ergometers
  • part of the Fairbairn Centre
  • video recorders
  • rating watches
  • coaches' bicycles
  • interstate trips for crews
  • many other forms of support, both tangible and intangible
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