About the Wilderness School

Wilderness Rowing strives to be a club of excellence at every level.  We seek to promote and positively reflect the School's core values of respectful relationships, responsible citizenship, a true and courageous self and adventurous learning.

The Wilderness School Rowing program ensures that all girls have access to modern boats and equipment maintained at a high standard. Funds raised by the Wilderness Rowing Club will contribute towards program resources and activities such as:
  • boat and equipment purchases and upgrades and
  • facility improvements and maintenance
The current fundraising priority is the purchase of our 1st VIII, which will ensure that our girls have access to the latest technology in boat design and to maintain the quality of our fleet of racing boats.  The commitment to purchasing a new 1st VIII, with an expected cost of between $50k and $60k, will be funded through this project.

Your support of the Wilderness Rowing Program is appreciated and will ensure that Wilderness Girls remain at the forefront of girls rowing in South Australia. 

Please support the purchase of our new 1st VIII by making a tax deductible donation today.

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