About the project

Womensport & Recreation Tasmania Inc. (WSRT) is a dynamic group dedicated to improving opportunities in sport and physical activity for women and girls.

Established nearly decade ago, we have successfully promoted, encouraged, supported, inspired and celebrated regular participation through programs such as:

  • the popular School Girls' Breakfast,
  • our media training workshops
  • our successful Get Active Program which reaches into regional and remote areas of Tasmania.
  • regular media commentary on women sports
  • regular feedback and formal submissions to inquiries and discussions.

Ambassador programs, sponsorships and partnerships.

We are now seeking funds to ensure all Tasmanian females can embrace and fulfil new opportunities open to them as never before in sport; opportunities which not only fulfil their own ambitions but also help to develop skills such as leadership which make Tasmania as a whole a healthier place.

To do this, we your help need to consolidate our operational base so we can extend our stakeholder relationships and support programs.

  • Supporter

    Very happy to help an organisation committed to supporting women's participation in sport.

  • A supporter

    Very happy to donate to help Tasmanian women and girls achieve their sporting aims and dreams.

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