Blind Sports Australia

Through their Sport4Everyone grant Blind Sport Australia will rollout Australian Blind Football training centres across Australia, providing grassroots opportunity for people who are blind and vision impaired to play football. The training centres will have a focus on participation, providing a safe, fun inclusive platform to engage people who are blind or vision impaired to come and try football and to set them on a path of enjoyment and a lifelong participation in the sport.

Blind Football Team

The centres will not only develop the individual’s football skills but will also have a focus on developing other life skills such as independence, confidence, and social connection. The centres will offer sessions for all ages, from children to adults, and all levels of vision loss.

Young adults who are blind or vision impaired will work locally as champions to engage more participants into the sport and to increase awareness of the sport in the broader football community. These centres will increase community awareness of the capabilities of people with a vision impairment as friends, families, neighbours and stakeholders come to watch the sessions take place.

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