Active Kids Grant 2023: Successful Applicants Announced

Active Kids Grant 2023: Successful Applicants Announced

December 05, 2023


The Active Kids Grant program has now come to a close for 2023.

The Active Kids Grant program is an initiative that is generously funded by the Dickinson Foundation, in partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation, that aims to improve the physical and mental health of children and young Australians by encouraging and increasing sports participation. This is achieved through the provision of equipment or uniforms, supplied by HART Sport and ISC, to eligible community organisations. 

“Development of our Juniors is vital to the future of the game and attracting players and maintaining their interest and enthusiasm in the sport is heavily dependent on having the right equipment.” 

About the Grant Round

To be deemed eligible, clubs and organisations needed to be: 

  • Non-profit,
  • Volunteer-run, and
  • To have a focus on supporting and encouraging young Australians, aged 20 and under, to improve their physical and mental health by increasing their participation.  

Eligible applicants completed a short, online application form that asked a series of questions with a focus on: 

  • Who would benefit from the grant?
  • How would the grant be used to increase junior and youth participation in their sport?

Applications were then reviewed to ensure they were in line with the advertised assessment criteria and selected using a bias-free and robust process.

The Australian Sports Foundation was inundated with applications this year, and while there were many worthy clubs and organisations, unfortunately, there wasn’t funding available to award them all a grant, but we encourage any unsuccessful applicants to apply for future grant rounds.

“The application process was incredibly simple and easy. Selecting goods for your wish list was the most difficult part.” 

Key Stats

  • A whopping 1,297 applications were submitted.
  • A total of $6,047,875.27 was requested by applicants.
  • $426,556.67 has been awarded.
  • There were 126 successful applicants.
  • The grants will benefit more than 29,000 young Australians.
  • Applications were approved from 24 different sports.
  • $3,385.37 was the average grant amount.
  • 10,233 items of equipment and uniforms will be provided.

Since the inception of Active Kids in 2020, in partnership with the Dickinson Foundation, the ASF has now awarded grants to the value of $1,568,931.67 to 425 community sports clubs and organisations across Australia.  

“As a disability kids program, our parents and carers are time-poor. Fundraising takes a lot of time our families do not have. This grant will provide essential equipment to better improve what we can deliver and go a long way to enhancing the lives of kids with disability on the Sunshine Coast.” 

Successful Applicants

Clubs and organisations that have been awarded the Active Kids Grant have been notified via email and will soon be receiving their uniforms and/or equipment.  

For a full list of the successful clubs and organisations, click below.  


The Australian Sports Foundation 

The Active Kids Grant isn’t the only way your club can access vital funds. Through the Australian Sports Foundation’s platform, you can launch your own fundraising campaigns and take tax-deductible donations for your club.   

In FY23, we saw a 35% increase in donations to community sport, making now the perfect time to ramp up your fundraising initiatives and take advantage of this uptick in support.  

What are you waiting for?  


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