Giving for Sport: Philanthropic Donations on the Rise

Giving for Sport: Philanthropic Donations on the Rise

April 10, 2024


The Australian Sports Foundation’s annual “Giving for Sport” report delves into the trends in philanthropic funding for Australian sports in the 2023 financial year. This report provides a compelling snapshot of the ever-evolving sports fundraising landscape and highlights the ongoing generosity and support of Australian donors.

Despite the economic challenges that many Australians faced, including rising inflation, the persistent cost-of-living crisis, and the enduring effects of the pandemic, a record-breaking $79.9M in community and philanthropic donations were poured into sport through the ASF in FY23.

Reflecting these financial difficulties, we witnessed a dramatic 30% increase in smaller donations, ranging from $2 to $200. However, the ASF received more donations to sport than ever before, and the overall number of donations made to community sport via the ASF surged by 35%, indicating the deep value Australians place on the impact of sports in our nation.

Throughout the year, more than 3,000 fundraising projects successfully secured funds with the assistance of the ASF, marking an enormous 49% growth on FY22.

Additionally, the ASF helped ‘individual’ athletes, officials, and other support staff raise 108% more donations this financial year, which largely helped fund competition and training costs.

Sport is a powerful force for good. At the community level, participation improves physical and mental health, promotes inclusion and brings communities together in ways that little else can.



While the report findings paint a positive picture, there is much more work to be done, and many clubs and athletes are still being pushed to the brink of closure or early retirement.

In last year’s report, “Giving for Sport, Towards 2032: A Sporting Chance for All Through Philanthropy”, the ASF identified a $300M per annum opportunity for philanthropic funding in the sport and physical sector that could pose as a solution.

“As the first year passes in the “Green and Gold Decade” leading to Brisbane 2032, the urgency to increase investment into sport grows greater. The funding needs cannot be covered by Governments and corporate sponsorships alone. Philanthropy must continue to play a role to ensure the sports sector is strong, whilst realising the economic and social dividends of this unique period for Australian sport.”

“The ASF is committed to working with the community and the philanthropic sector to grow funding from this source, to help make sport more sustainable and to bridge the gap between what is needed and funding available from traditional income streams.”

At present, donations to sport represent a mere 0.7% of Australia’s total giving, and there’s a $220M gap to close by Brisbane 2032.


For clubs and athletes, setting up your fundraising project has never been easier. Start a campaign and begin taking tax-deductible donations today.

Alternatively, make a donation. We currently have thousands of clubs and athletes that need support to reach their goals. Your contribution can play a pivotal role in shaping the future of sports in our nation.

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