Queensland Rugby League Partners with ASF

Queensland Rugby League Partners with ASF

October 19, 2023


We believe in the meaningful impact Rugby League has on life, to individuals and communities as a whole. We also know there are many financial barriers for your sport, including equipment, uniforms, coaching, team travel and much more. Queensland Rugby League (QRL) has partnered with the Australian Sports Foundation (ASF) to help rugby league clubs make the most of the upcoming period and start a free online fundraiser where your community can make a tax deductible donation to help your club.

Last financial year, Queensland Rugby League clubs raised an average of $8,000 each with the ASF.

Together, QRL and the ASF understand that sport has the remarkable ability to entertain whilst providing both physical health and social benefits for the whole community. Rugby League brings our communities together whether we are participating, volunteering or watching. It inspires and motivates whilst forging community pride.

We know that your club is in critical need of more funding to cover the costs of participation. From uniforms and equipment to coaching and travel costs. Rugby League is a sport with many expenses and survives because of our generous volunteers. This is why the ASF and QRL are dedicated to removing the obstacles that stop any Australian who wishes to benefit from Rugby League from doing so by providing a tax-deductible platform for your club to raise much-needed funds.

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Over the past 35+ years, we have helped thousands of clubs and athletes raise hundreds of millions of dollars. We have funded all sports at all levels.

We are the only organisation in Australia to have Deductible Gift Recipient status for sport. This means any donation of $2 or more is tax-deductible.

This tax-deductible benefit, along with our tools, resources and personal support, helps you reach your fundraising goals.

Fundraising Platform

We operate Australia’s only sport-specific and tax-deductible fundraising platform.

When you start your online fundraiser, you will get a personalised webpage with an online donation form. We distribute the funds you raise monthly.

Your fundraising portal allows you to track live donation information and gives you access to tools, tips and templates to make your fundraising journey easier. We will also give you access to exclusive discounts and offers thanks to our partners who support sport.

Personalised Support

We have a team of dedicated Sports Partnership Managers who are here to help you reach your fundraising goals. 

They have decades of combined sports fundraising experience behind them. Many sporting clubs and athletes have raised millions of dollars with the help of  our expert team. It's their job to support your fundraising campaign.

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