Riley Day - Funding international travel and race expenses

Riley Day - Funding international travel and race expenses

April 08, 2024

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Riley Day is a track and field athlete that represented Australia in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, where she reached the semi-finals for the 200m sprint. Now, she has her sights set on Paris 2024, and is using the ASF platform to help her achieve her dreams.

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Riley created her project to help fund international travel and race expenses for both her and her coach. So far, the project has amassed more than $24,000 in donations, enabling her to travel to Japan and Europe for the international season. 

“This is just to give us a little bit of financial freedom whilst we’re over there to get rid of that stress.” 

Riley's 3 Keys to Success

  1. Create a memorable story.

  2. Use visuals to build on that story.

  3. Be authentic and true to yourself.

To help with asking for donations, Riley took a unique approach by creating a pamphlet which contained “a bit about her, her journey, and how to donate”, including a QR code that linked to her ASF project. This was handed to any potential donors in an effort to stay front of mind. 

Find out more about Riley’s journey, her approach to fundraising, her experience using the ASF platform, and the benefits involved in the video.

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