Victorian Indigenous Surfing Program by Surfing Victoria

Victorian Indigenous Surfing Program by Surfing Victoria

April 11, 2024

Community Sport

Founded in 1998, The Victorian Indigenous Surfing Program, run by Surfing Victoria, involves between 600 and 800 young Indigenous participants annually and uses surfing to help youth connect with the ocean, while learning key water safety knowledge, knew skills and discover healthy habits.

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Individuals from across Victoria are encouraged to participate in the 50+ events they run each year, which take place in 15 different locations, spanning from Warrnambool to East Gippsland.

With the ASF, the Victorian Indigenous Surfing Program has been able to raise more than $60,000. These important funds have played a pivotal role in the ongoing success of the program.

“Being able to partner with the Australian Sports Foundation has been really beneficial for the program because we can offer tax-deductible donations to all our philanthropic partners.”

At the National Sports Convention in 2023, Surfing Victoria’s VISP won the Community Sports Fundraising Award, which was sponsored by the ASF, for their innovative and collaborative community fundraising projects which have increased participation and community cohesion in 2023.

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The ASF was fortunate enough to be invited to the VISP’s pinnacle annual event, the Koori Surfing Titles, which are made possible with generous donations of time and money from community members. At the Titles, we met with their Program Head, Jordie Campbell, along with other Surfing Victoria staff, volunteers, and participants, to discuss the success of the Program and their fundraising initiatives.

Keys to Success

  1. Thank donors and show them the impact of their donations.

  2. Generate donations by championing the benefits of your organisations.

  3. Engage with your community.

Find out more about the program and its keys to successful fundraising in the video.