Sport Fundraising Campaign Calendar

Sport Fundraising Campaign Calendar

April 11, 2024


We all know that in sport, timing your run can make a big difference to your club’s success. Fundraising is no different.

In the lead up to EOFY, we see nearly 50% of all donations with the ASF being made, making now the perfect time to start your run.

If you’re thinking of starting a new project, or even just further promoting your existing one, the Campaign Calendar below will help you plan when to launch, promote, and re-engage.

  • Weeks 1-4


Get Ready.

Time to kick off your fundraising project with ASF! It only takes a few minutes to get started.

Champion your cause.

Before you start promoting your project to your community, make sure you have given your donors as much information as possible about who you are and what you’re fundraising for.

  • Learn how to write a compelling story

  • Get inspiration from other successful fundraisers.

  • Add as many images as you can to your ASF project page. Make sure they’re high resolution and the right size.

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  • Weeks 4-8



It’s time to share your project far and wide!


Don’t be shy about asking again. We recommend sharing your project at least once a week over the campaign period to help boost donations.

  • Let people know they can make a tax-deductable donation before EOFY. 30% of donations are made in June – now is your time to connect with donors looking to give!

  • Refresh your fundraising page with any project updates or new photos.

  • Keep posting on social media and sending emails to your community and supporters.

  • Ask donors to share with others that may be interested in supporting your cause.

  • Weeks 8-12



It’s important to thank donors when they contribute to your project.

Plan & Re-engage.

Most donors will be willing to keep supporting your team with future projects, especially if you’ve followed the previous steps!

  • Get together with your committee or supporters and talk through what worked and what you could do better next time. For example, do you have a dedicated fundraising person who can take charge of the project?

  • Brainstorm your next project. You can even create an “always on” project to help cover ongoing costs for your club or sport.

  • Start your next project