Add a 'Donate Now' Button to Your Website

Add a 'Donate Now' Button to Your Website

October 23, 2023



Including Donate Now buttons on your website, social media accounts and supporter emails is a proven way to grow donations to your fundraising project.

We can’t understate the importance of simply promoting your fundraiser and asking your network for donations – it’s the number one driver of increased fundraising totals.

At the ASF we know a lot of Grassroots clubs don’t always have the skills or time internally to create these for your sport. So we’ve gone ahead and created some for you – free to use!

The buttons come in a range of sizes and options so there’s sure to be one to suit everyone. Included below are some quick instructions to help you add your buttons to your website.

Ask your digital admin for further help incorporating these buttons on your website, banners and supporter emails as each platform is configured differently.


  • Choose the button design you like and save the button image (right-click on the image and click Save As or Save Image)

  • Log in to your website's content management system (CMS) and upload your chosen button to the area of the site you wish the button to be displayed on. Note that you may need help from your website admin to complete this part of the process.

  • Link the button to your project’s donate page by copying the URL for your project. You can access the URL of your project by visiting the ASF website and navigating to your project donation page. The URL will be visible from your browser's address bar.

  • Make sure you have correctly linked your button. Here is an example of correct HTML code: <a href=" "> <img src="YOUR-BUTTON-IMAGE-URL" alt="Donate Now" /> </a>


Simply download the button of your choice below.