How to Ask for Donations

How to Ask for Donations

October 20, 2023


Asking people for money can be intimidating but more often than not your supporters want to help, they just need to be given an opportunity. These simple steps will make it easy for your fundraiser to be a success.

  1. Tell them what you hope to achieve and why. Explain what you are fundraising for an the difference it will make. It is as simple as saying "We are raising money to purchase uniforms for our new girls' team, so they don't have to wear last season's hand-me-downs from the boys' team."
  2. Ask for a donation. Tell people the difference their donation will make "A donation of $50 will provide one player with an entire new kit."
  3. Tell them how. You want to make it as easy as possible for people to donate, so be sure to always give them the link to your online fundraiser.

Asking has never been easier with our email and social media templates. Download them now and simply enter the details of your fundraiser.


Subject: <<Club/organisation name>> needs your help! Dear <<insert name>>

<Club name> has started fundraising to <insert the reason you are fundraising>. This is very important <give a reason that will appeal to the reader’s emotions>

We need to raise $<target> before <Date> which will <key outcome of project>.

We have partnered with the Australian Sports Foundation, so donations are tax-deductible. Would you make a contribution to help us achieve our goals? A donation of any amount would help us get there.

To donate, simply click here <Donation URL> Every donation counts. Thank you for your ongoing support and loyalty and if you have any questions about this project or donating please contact me.

Kind Regards, <YOUR NAME> <TITLE>


We <insert club name> are fundraising with the Australian Sports Foundation to <insert reason you are fundraising>. A donation of just <$ insert dollar amount> will make a huge difference to <outcome of your fundraiser>! You can make a tax-deductible donation here <insert fundraiser URL >

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