Shopify App Memorandum Of Understanding



To define the respective roles and responsibilities of the parties in connection with the collection of donations made to the ASF in support of the Fundraiser through the Shopify platform.

Shopify is a complete e-commerce platform. Shopify allows merchants to set up online tipping to give customers the option to add a tip to their order on the payment page when they check out. The ASF has developed a Shopify App that facilitates tax-deductible donations through the native tipping function.

ASF Obligations

The ASF will undertake the following activities in relation to the Shopify App:

  • Enable Fundraiser to collect tax-deductible donations made to ASF in support of the Fundraiser on their Shopify web store.

  • Direct all donations collected via Shopify in support of the Fundraiser to ASF at ASF account level

  • Note: Donations through Shopify will NOT be specific to a Fundraiser project on the ASF platform.

  • Issue an acknowledgement to the donor immediately after receiving a donation through Shopify.

  • Issue a donation receipt following successful transfer of funds raised through Shopify from the Fundraiser.

  • Provide the Fundraiser with a report of donations received via Shopify on a fortnightly basis.

  • Donations received via Shopify will NOT be visible on the ASF Platform or Fundraising Portal until early 2025.

  • Facilitate the automated direct debit of donated funds from the Fundraiser’s nominated bank account to ASF each fortnight

  • Notify the Fundraiser of the amount to be debited at least 24 hours before payment is taken

  • Absorb direct debit fees for automated payment of donations for a period of 12 months from execution of this MOU.

Fundraiser Obligations

The Fundraiser agrees that by taking donation through the ASF Shopify App that:

  • Donated funds collected by the Fundraiser as agent for ASF and are held on trust by the Fundraiser and unless otherwise agreed in writing by the ASF, will remit 100% of these monies to the ASF within 14 days of receipt.

  • It will enter into a direct debit agreement to automate payment of any donated funds via the Fundraiser’s Shopify store on a 14 day rolling cycle.

  • Amount debited will be the total amount of donations received via the Shopify store during the period.

  • It will absorb Shopify transaction fees for donations on their Shopify store.

Mutual Obligations

ASF and the Fundraiser agree to share information and collaborate in such ways as are necessary to promote and successfully administer donations made to ASF in support of the Fundraiser through the Shopify platform and acknowledge that:

  • The Fundraiser by installing the ASF Shopify App permits the ASF access to Shopify Order and Customer data.

  • ASF capture of Shopify Order data is limited to:

    • Order Number

    • Order Date

    • Donation Amount

  • ASF capture of Shopify Customer data is limited to:

    • First Name

    • Last Name

    • Email Address

    • Mobile Number

    • Address

  • The ASF is permitted to use Shopify Order and Customer data to tally donations received via Shopify and to facilitate issuing of acknowledgements and donation receipts to donors. No other permitted uses are granted.

  • Agree to grant each other for the period of this agreement a royalty-free licence to use their respective logos for the purpose of filling all promotional and acknowledgement obligations under this MOU upon the following conditions;

  • Agree to use the respective logos only in the form supplied by each other;

  • Facilitate reciprocal web and social media links between the organisations;

  • Agree to utilise their databases, web and social media sites and newsletters to help promote the Shopify functionality;

  • Provide each other with access to approved photographs, images and video content as may be required for the purposes of mutually promoting the Shopify functionality;

  • Undertake such other activities as might reasonably be expected to ensure the successful promotion of the Shopify functionality.

Commercial Arrangements

  • All donations are made subject to ASF’s Terms & Conditions.

  • Amounts distributed to Fundraisers are at ASF’s discretion, and ASF aims at all times to maximise the amount of donated funds distributed. 

  • For the purposes of transparency, ASF confirms that it intends to distribute 95% of funds received under this arrangement via twice-monthly grants.

Period of Memorandum of Understanding

The period of this MOU shall be 12 months from the date of execution of this MOU.

Notwithstanding the above, the ASF may, at its sole discretion, terminate this MOU if it forms the view that the Fundraiser is in breach of any of its obligations under this MOU and has failed to remedy the breach within 21 days of being notified of this breach in writing by the ASF.


While the parties to this MOU are described as “Partners” it is acknowledged that this term is used for marketing and promotional purposes only. This Agreement does not create a joint venture, partnership, employment or service provider relationship between the parties. The parties must not:

(a)     misrepresent their relationship under this MOU; or

(b)     attempt to bind or represent the other in any way.