Plan for fundraising success this EOFY

Plan for fundraising success this EOFY

Grassroot sports clubs across Australia are facing a decrease in cash reserves.

Community clubs that fundraise with the ASF raise an average of $7,850 per year. As EOFY approaches, there’s no better time to launch a project and boost your revenue.

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What can I fundraise for?

Anything that develops sport in Australia, this could include:

  • Purchase new sporting equipment
  • Upgrade facilities and grounds
  • Cover coaching, training and travel expenses
  • Fund participation or development programs
  • Offer services for athlete welfare and support

If your club could benefit from any or all the above, it’s time to champion your cause and create a project.

This club raised more money with fewer volunteers, find out how

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Are you struggling with the administration load of fundraising?

You’re not alone. 3 in 5 clubs reported administration load and lack of volunteers as their biggest challenges.

Although traditional fundraising methods have their time and place, they can be costly and time-consuming. Fundraising online with the ASF’s platform demands minimal effort and offers maximum return.

Watch what Holly, our Fundraising Support Coordinator, has to say about Traditional vs Online Fundraising.

Save time and money. Launch your campaign today.

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The unmissable fundraising opportunity

We ran the numbers.
Now is the best time to fundraise.

50% of all donations to Grassroots Sports happen during EOFY.

The first two weeks of a fundraising campaign are crucial for building engagement and momentum.

It’s critical that you plan your campaign launch now. That way, your project’s first two weeks can be in a peak donation period.

In 2023 we had over 14,000 donations in June alone.

During this period, donors are looking to give. Create a project now to make sure you’re on the receiving end of their generosity!

The only dedicated fundraising platform for sports clubs in Australia


Our mobile optimised donate form can take donations anywhere - anytime. It’s designed to help your donors every step of the way, so they get a positive giving experience every time.


Our platform reduces the administration of running a fundraiser and tracks all your donations, so you can focus on what matters - thanking your donors.


We are the only sport fundraising platform where donations of $2 or more are tax deductible. This means your donations can have a greater impact, while we take care of the receipts.

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